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  • Alina-slide
  • Kate-slide
  • Ambrosia-slide
  • Anna-slide

  • Rachel-slide
  • Jemma Slide
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  • PSI a.k.a. Roam
  • EPSILON a.k.a Julia
  • OMICRON a.k.a. Kate
  • CHI a.k.a. Ambrosia
  • UPSILON a.k.a. Anna
  • TAU a.k.a. Rachel
  • KSI a.k.a. Jemma
  • RHO a.k.a. Jenn
  • UPSILON a.k.a. Anna
  • PSEUDO a.k.a. Laura
  • DELTA a.k.a. Courtney

 A SAG-AFTRA New Media Short Film Project
Introducing the World of
Tessa Moon

Shadow Hunting the Globe

Walking our planet are Shadow People.
They suck energy from good people and steal their lightness of being.
The shadow people must be destroyed.

To kill them, enter the Shadow Hunters —
Once sweet, vulnerable young ladies
now conditioned to be the keenest, coldest, most deadly Assassins
ever to walk the Earth.